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Monday, April 28, 2008

The Billy Letters

"In the late '90s, pop-culture historian Bill Geerhart had a little too much time on his hands and a surfeit of stamps. So, for his own entertainment, the then-unemployed thirtysomething launched a letter-writing campaign to some of the most powerful and infamous figures in the country, posing as a curious 10-year-old named Billy. ..."

Little Billy's original letter.

Manson's first response.

Little Billy’s letters to Richard Ramirez, Charles Manson, and other killer pals.
His correspondence with Larry Flynt, Alan Greenspan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
(All this featured today in Radar.)

Note: When not writing Charles Manson and Larry Flynt letters Bill Geerhart is one of the guys unveiling cold war and atomic-age culture over at Conelrad.