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Monday, April 28, 2008

The Ugly Baseball Card Blog

Dedicated to a hobby that turns out approximately 10 zillion different cards a year. Not all of them can be pretty.

Errors: Pants are slowly swallowing player - hat is already partially digested. Two of the fans at the game passed away before first pitch. Photo was taken shortly before player was hoisted up the flag pole for Star Spangled Banner.

Errors: Player may have caught Tom Henke Disease. Despite Major League pedigree, player sports rookie-ball haircut. At least one fan (right, in yellow) decided to flee stadium rather than face hair/eyewear combo.

Errors: Big glasses. Too happy. Obscenely yellow. Possible decapitation photo. Chest hair.

The Wild World of Sports. Yuma reporting for duty......


Cliff said...

Great stuff. Here's a blog with lots of ugly and weird cards: