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Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Roll Up

Hey kids!

mrdantefontana is back!

Ok, I know you haven't missed me that much and I'm not even sure I will post much in the nearest future either.
I just wanted to tell you all that I am alive.
And I'm also back to deliver good news for all rockers out there.

My friends, the seriously hard hitting howlers, Apa State Mental (their MySpace page where you real soon will receive information on how to acquire their debut CD internationally), is here with an album straight out of the darkest and most animalistic corners of Malmö City by night.
They're loud, they're angry, and they're hungry. Not even banana bribes will keep their mouthes shut in their dedicated quest loudmouthing rock and roll back to where it belongs: the neon lit urban swamps.
Or as they state themselves: "Bringing a jungle beat to the folks on the street".
Well, until this fine album is world wide available and the full schedule for their world tour is released please say hello to them over at their MySpace page and give them some love.
'Cause despite their attitude and the almighty-Kong-confidence they are howling down your ear - deep down inside they are just a bunch of friendly and sometimes insecure beings struggling with everyday life in the animal kingdom.
Though sometimes inspired by Mark E. Smith - they are not him.

Cheers! See you around later.

/Z aka mrdantefontana