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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Reckless Nights & Turkish Twilights

After committing the faux pas in an earlier post of referring to Carl Stalling as the composer (rather than arranger) of much of the music heard in Warner Brothers cartoons, I felt compelled to link to this collection of remastered music from the Raymond Scott Quintette (which was actually comprised of six musicians--all righty then, Ray!) the actual composer of such instantly recognizable tunes as Powerhouse and Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals. Check out the wild little number "The Penguin"--Scott could wreak havoc with time signatures and still make the band swing like crazy, not an easy feat.

via dubbinainteasy

and check out the band in all its 1940s glory backing a snappy befeathered pair of tap dancin' fools: