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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Le Petomane

Perhaps you have heard the legendary tale of 19th century Moulin Rouge star and “fartiste” Joseph Pujol--the man who could turn methane into music. Essentially the guy would get up on stage, in full evening wear, and regale audiences with his droll sphincular imitations of air raids, and the sound of 2 yards of calico being ripped. Amazingly, Hollywood turned its other cheek on this tale for many years--it wasn’t until quite recently that a Pujol biopic was made. I present to you below an excerpt from the 2005 Universal Studios epic, Le Petomane; Parti Avec le Vent.
In this poignant scene, young Joseph discovers his well-hidden talents.....and a nosy doctor wants to probe deeper into the source.

There was an earlier attempt to tell the story—the 1979 unreleased film Le Petomane was penned by Steptoe & Son writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, and produced by Monty Python’s Ian McNaughton.

And I just realized this is my second fart-related post in as many weeks.