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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bad Karma

As a further introduction to the Yuma lifestyle, I have been a huge fan of the music of Warren Zevon for the past twenty some odd years. His lyrics and music have been a source of inspiration and a guiding light over this time frame. It's time to share this passion with the PCL legions.

To start let's venture back to the early 90's and this video gem:
Searching for a Heart

They say love conquers all. Can't start it like a car, you can't stop it with a gun.

Disorder In The House featuring one of the great blistering guitar solo's of all time courtesy of The Boss

I'm scrawled across the davenport of despair

From the My Ride's Here CD

Official site is Warren Zevon
More WZ stuff is at Zevon Fan Page

Warren passed away in 2003 of lung cancer. In his last televised interview with David Letterman when the diagnosis was a fait accompli, his advice and words to all were to "Enjoy Every Sandwich". Amen.