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Saturday, November 10, 2007

International Pocky Day

An entry from Peter Payne's J-list Side Blog reminded me that November 11th is International Pocky Day--due to the fact that all the 1's in 11/11 are reminiscent of the long slim crackery-sweet goodness that is Pocky™® brand snack foods. The Journal of Ephemeral Inspiration put together a nice collection of photos entitled Pocky, Pretz, and Pretenders if you want to make your Pocky selections before a visit to your local Asian grocery. I don't know if I can be fined for admitting this, but my favorite brand of Pocky is Men's Pocky, the bitter dark chocolate version. I always tell the person at the checkout I'm buying it for my boyfriend and so far they have believed me.

Oh, and so you don't embarrass yourself publicly, it's pronounced "Pokey", like Gumby's friend.