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Sunday, August 12, 2007


Skipper Bartlett has an interesting question for all you hip detectives out there:

"I was wondering if you could help me out. I recently posted a picture on my blog of an album cover that I re-touched in photoshop in order to remove the lettering so I could use it for another project. I would like to know if this picture is from an actual club somewhere, if anybody knows anything about it. The album that it comes from is one of those German Non-stop dance party records, The artist is The Wolf Berger Party Band. "

My theory is that Mr. Bartlett has forgot everything about this funky place since he had way too many Piña Colada's that night and ended up in what he then thought - in that dreamsville state of his - was a lovely go-go girl's bed. The morning after he realized his mistake [NSFW].
For years he tried to forget everything about that night. But now that he found this album in a thift store bin everything came back to him with shock. Now he feel the need to track down the place so he can burn it to the ground and exterminate those who were there that night.
Please help this poor man deal with the demons haunting his soul for years.
Please, SET HIM FREE ;-)