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Friday, August 03, 2007

Finally, the Comic Book That Has It All!

"Untamed Highway is THE underground, self published Comic Book that scratches the Underbelly of Vanished American Pop Culture. It is a Road Trip Freak Show Slapstick Mystery Cartoon Noir with Tiki Bars; Kreeps; Kustom Kulture; Cool Cars; a poisonous Drinking Bird and an uptight Sock Puppet; Freaks; Exotica; Film Noir; a secret Shriner like Society; Mini-Shriner Cars; Hypnotism; a guy in a Gorilla Mask; Tikis; Monsters; Roadside Attractions; Pin-Up Babes; Beatniks; Horror Show and Kiddie Show Hosts; Googie Architecture; Silent Movies; Coffee Shops and Drive-In Diners; and Tor!"

Untamed Highway