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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Don't Touch Me Tomato!

A spectacularly kitschy album cover, paired with some great calypso sides from Lord Kitchener, the Duke of Iron, and The Charmer (who, after retiring from music began a second career under the name of Louis Farrakhan).


Don't Touch Me Tomato Side 1
Don't Touch Me Tomato - Marie Bryant
Muriel and the Bug - Lord Kitchener
Big Bamboo - Duke of Iron
Is She Is, or Is She Ain't - The Charmer
I Left Her Behind For You - Duke of Iron
He Like It, She Like It - Hayden

Don't Touch Me Tomato Side 2
Mommie Out the Light - Marie Bryant
Kitch - Lord Kitchener
Parakeets - Duke of Iron
Don't Touch Me Nylon - The Charmer
Music Lesson - Duke of Iron
Mary Had No Little Lamb - Lloyd Thomas

Sounds of the Caribbean, a division of Request Records SLP 727


Pelle said...

Would it be possible to re-up this record? //Best wishes