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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Een Neger in Het Dorp!!!

My pal BC sent me a scan of a Dutch children's book he was buying entitled "Een Neger in Het Dorp", or "A Negro in the Town". Which makes it appear that the Dutch (or at least some of them) might have had issues with integration at one time themselves....judging by the terrified looks on the kids faces, and the swirling ominous clouds which foretell inclement weather ahead. Watch your back, kids!!

Or how about if you Netherlanders explain the song below, "Hij was maar 'n neger":

Hij was maar 'n neger, zo'n zwarte
Zoiets haal je niet in je huis
Omdat je 't noodlot dan tartte
Want die zwarten zijn immers niet pluis

Translated for me as, "He was only a Negro, the kind you won't let in your house". Soooo, you Europeans with your impeccable political morals....maybe at one time, some of you all weren't so crazy about outsiders coming to live in your hometown???? Unless they were playing a saxophone or shaking their hips in a banana skirt.

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