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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Arkiva Tropika

La Conga - New York City - 1940's dinner & drink menu, front cover - inside pages - back cover.
Click image for far better view at source.

"The Hurricane was located at 95 Cambridge St. in Boston. This dinner & cocktail menu from the 1940's features imagery from the John Hall/Dorothy Lamour South Seas adventure movie, "The Hurricane" [IMDb]. Artwork by Vannicola."
Hurricane - Boston, MA - 1940's dinner & cocktail menu, front cover

Arkiva Tropika - "... From Florida to Fiji, from Haiti to Hawaii, from Seattle to Samoa, Arkiva Tropika is about the classic island imagery of tourism. Created as a way to both share and organize my collection, it consists largely of menus, yet also includes postcards, photos, brochures, matchbooks, and other paper ephemera from tropical themed environments, which are mostly pre-1970. ..." (via del.icio.us/ggth)