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Monday, December 05, 2011

Øystein Sunde, Sodsai Chaengkij, Poncie Ponc, and other Music You Will Surely Want

There's a new mess of weirdness over at Fyrtårnet, including some of the most horrific cover versions imaginable, such as These Boots Are Made For Walking, Baby Elephant Walk, and Satisfaction.

Papi Papi Papi - Mayte Gaos


Jay Schiavone said...

Cripes! Annie, this link makes me want to move to Finland, pronto. There is, like, over 5GB of fringe music content over there. The cataloguing is copious and fastidious and all in Finnish. Could this blog finally mend a heart that broke with the abrupt passing of Chocoreve?

Ange said...

I thought he was Norwegian.....either way, there is some awesome music there.

C.L. Rogers said...

site seems to have been remove, ah shucks!