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Monday, December 05, 2011

Songs for Swinging Losers

It took me a long time to discover the music of Buddy Greco, but now I'm a major fan. And, it took me a long time to find Songs For Swinging Losers, it's been posted for a few weeks now-- but if you're as slow as I am you may not have found it yet. Enjoy, I did.

Buddy Greco - By Myself


Jay Schiavone said...

Judging by the link it seems like you're trying to keep this one for yourself. Have you been to BG's dinner club in Palm Springs?

Harpo JB said...

You can get it here:

baikinange said...

It's now fixed, and the link when clicking on the blog title was always OK. But for some reason divshare seems cranky, is everyone experiencing the same issue?