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Monday, December 26, 2011

So Wrong, it's Even More Wrong...

...all these years later. Love Jimmy Savile's awkward intro.

A few nights ago, a friend and I were discussing this song and he said, "God...what was he thinking? And it was a hit!" Skin-crawling, to this day.


zillagord said...

"Didn't have to keep it,
Wouldn't put ya through it,
You could have swept it from your life but you wouldn't do it..."

My gawd.

Oh, loved the hat. Probably he edgiest I have ever seen Paul look.

Keir said...

It's a TERRIFIC song! My God, what is wrong with you?! I remember hearing it for the first time as a kid surreptitiously listening to a pocket radio under the covers late at night and thinking it was revolutionary- such a terrible chorus singer that it was genius. I have it on my running playlist.
Can't help but think the site is run by racists who hate everything Canada stands for.