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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Love Bug

Theme song to the movie: What's Up Nurse
Sung by Tony Burrows - Lyrics by Dee Shipman - Music by Roger Webb
Move written and directed Derek Ford

If you are a fan of British comedies like Benny Hill and the "Carry On" series, then this movie from 1977 will prove to be a lot of fun! Sadly, the American issue of the movie seems tot have several chunks of the film cut out. Worth tracking down to see the entire film. Funny, sexy and often cute, the movie is a strong R, but nothing outrageous. Great party strip scene where it's "hilarious" that the trollish looking guy is trying to dope the girls drinks with some "love juice" to get them acting "wild". And the not to be missed "man with jam jar stuck up his behind" scene! Nothing a broom handle, elbow grease and some plaster of Paris can't solve!
"I told you to prick his boil!"