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Friday, October 14, 2011


" Often regarded as the French Kim Fowley, Evariste is a well-kept secret needing to get out there NOW. Genius, creative and with a very poisoned language in the lyrics of his songs. A mix between ye ye, garage and hallucinated experimental rock. Evariste is probably one of the most interesting musicians from the French 60s rock scene, though maybe too weird to have really had that recognition from the public and media at the time! And Michel Colombier is involved in these recordings too! This first time ever reissue of his works includes his complete discography, thats two Eps and one single. Remastered sound, and limited to 500 copies. "
A portuguese label (no smoke records) released this LP a few days ago. Shame on the french record industry!

Generously shared by La Parenthèse En Chantier