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Monday, October 03, 2011


As a customer over at Amazon puts it: "Take it from a ravenous porn fan, this album rocks! Brings back those vaseline memories of my bachelor days. Whether you're an out-of-the-closet perv, or still hiding in the basement to do your thang, you will enjoy every last one of these funkified tunes ..."
However, this is not the real deal. This is music inspired by all these magnificent grooves accompanying these shameful so called "adult flicks".
Sex-O-Rama Vol 1 & Vol 2 - Music from Classic Adult Movies.
Available thanks to Funky Frolic.
From Vol. 1.
From Vol 2.


Dick Cannon said...

Thank you for broadening my world of stripper music. I will play this music loudly out the window and strippers will flock to my house in search of sanctuary.

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks for repping Funky Frolic folks. Glad you dig the porn groove vibes.