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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Frankie Goes Wild

Head on over to The Hound Blog and check out Sinatra's only attempt at one of the things he hated most:

Issued in '52 it wasn't so much a rock'n'roll fad disc as an attempt to weld Sinatra onto the sax driven rhythm and blues sound of guys like Roy Brown, Wynonie Harris and Big Joe Turner who were starting to find a market with white teenagers. Lyrically it's quite a tongue twister (in fact I think the lyrics are genius--- "run your flim flam fingers through my greasy hair"! Indeed!). By the final verse you can actually hear Sinatra getting madder and madder as he struggles with the overboard alliteration. Shit, Don & Dewey or Esquerita could have recorded this one.

Yep, I saw Frankie twice. I had tickets to the Frank, Dean, Sammy reunion too, but Sammy died.