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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bat Guano's Old Time Radio Broadcast Pokes A Loving Finger Into Hearts The World Over

Photo stolen from here.

The good people of Kalamazoo county gathered ‘round the Marconi machine in their sitting parlors to hear the comforting and elucidating broadcast of Bat Guano’s SwaG! on another Wednesday evening last week.

It did vibrate the audio horn so!

Bartholomew turned to Bettethelia and said, “Betty! Did you hear what Bat Guano just said? He said he’s b’castin’ from the territories of Alaska to the Sunshine State of Florida! Right this very minute! We can’t even get ‘IDR in Augusta on our auto receiver whilst automobubblin’ to the Barking Frog. What kind of radios do you reckon them folk is usin’ way outside of the county?”

...where the hell is this going? Oh, it's another episode of SwaG!, the radio program.


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