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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cowtown II

2.5 miles from my house.
Rodeo every Tuesday and Saturday from May to September. Real sittin' on planks old school. PETA protesting out front - divorcee's in Members Only jackets with a 12 pack inside. We had a national Quarter Finalist PBR winner. Kinda matrixes well against Tara LaRosa

the ass kicking kick boxing queen
(my son watched her destroy another woman at a UFC fight that he went to with his Crime Scene Cleanup company owning boss) who lives about the same distance from my house.

Also every Tuesday and Saturday there's the flea market which, on Saturdays, is a lot of knockoff crap, but also a lot of stuff from Africa and South America. Tuesdays they open the field, and those folks that travel the flea market circuit from sunny to chilly climes use Cowtown as a "filler" for those times when bigger stronger flea markets (New Castle, Columbus Sale, Englishtown) aren't open. In spring you can find stuff that is intended for New Hampshire, in fall, stuff that's intended for Arizona, thereby sustaining its coolness (Cowtown's) via changing inventory.

Cowtown gave birth to this video for reasons explained in the original post:

Here's a link to examples of shit sold there:
More shit:

Here's The Zippy that was featured when the cowboy blew in half.

click to embiggen

Also, need first class Cowboy clothes? We have not one, but two, stores.