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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Stealers (of your heart)

“Gee, honey, Bermuda sure is great….perfect weather, laid back attitude, acceptably attractive people of both genders in various stages of déshabillé …..but something is….missing.”

“I hear you, I think I’m homesick for some of the things back home….such as Alan Alda, the Lone Ranger, and that adorable little child star, Drew Barrymore.”

“Yeah…wouldn’t it be just perfect if that steel drum band started playing the Theme From M*A*S*H* (real title of song: Suicide is Painless), or When Johnny Comes Marching Home?”

Well, Mr. and Mrs. Turista, have I got a souvenir album for YOU!

Presenting...Don’t Stop This Party by the renowned hotel band The Stealers, featuring a clinically depressed rendition of Sabre Dance that won’t disturb the baby’s nap, as well as the definitive steel drum versions of “The Theme From E. T.”, “Chariots of Fire”, and as though there were room for another nail in its coffin, the “William Tell Overture”.

And if that’s not incentive enough, let it be known that vocalist and percussionist John “Jaws” Anderson (not to be confused with John “Ghostbusters II” Anderson) who appears on this album is “an old veteran who made his mark on the entertainment scene with the Village Stumpers some years ago”. So take THAT , you naysayers!