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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Les Brown & The Super Sounds of Renown

" ... Big Band star Les Brown’s long career had already included such highlights as giving Doris Day her big break, backing up Buddy Love in Jerry Lewis’ “The Nutty Professor,” serving as musical director for both the Steve Allen and Dean Martin television shows and accompanying Bob Hope on his tours in Vietnam. But for his 1972 album on the Daybreak label, Les Brown attempted what he called “the most radical change of musical direction we’ve ever taken.” Into its marvelous pop art jacket, Brown packs “New Horizons” with enough funky Beatles, bossa, Carole King and Jesus Christ Superstar vibes to achieve an effect which, according to the liner notes, “reflects the conflicts and stresses of the 1970’s as no other act on record has succeeded in doing.” ..."
Les Brown & The Super Sounds of Renown - “New Horizons” is available and nicely presented by Mr. Bostrom over at his Bostworld.