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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


My children were having one of their three way conversations, and at one point kept injecting the word "choad". They amused themselves for their ability to use this term right in front of me (I know not why, because they will curse like sailors when the urge hits them) because it had a special meaning and they could utter it over and over without me becoming exasperated, not at their terminology, but the mindlessness of it. All the while I knew that "choad" means penis, and they were amazed that I had gracefully traversed their cutting edge.

I told them that I was familiar with this word from 1970, when I had read it in ZAP Comix.

I then remembered just how utterly out of control disgusting (yet still delightfully absurdist) S. Clay Wilson's work was, and left it at "I saw it first in ZAP."

So here is the Sebastianized (my new Ange-based word) actual whole comic about a date gone wrong, apparently, from ZAP that taught me the word "choad" one of which I possess (the choad, not the comic)!:

It is a link to the actual page, which is not only NSFW but really NSFE (not safe for earthlings)