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Friday, July 25, 2008

Fidel's Album Cover of the Week

I don't even have to tell you where I found this swell album cover, it's got Fidel's Eyeglasses all over it. Before I tell you how happy I am to have found there a copy of Beny Moré's "Bonito y Sabroso" which is, actually, both bonito AND sabroso, not to mention other bonitas musicas Cubanos I'm afraid I have to whine about blogs that offer music that are tagged "Track 1" etc. and require you, meaning ME to type in all the names of the songs, a true challenge what with our/my elementary grasp of the Spanish language and all. So.....yeah. And I'm sure someone out there will offer the same sage advice that Mr. Baikinange offered, which is "now, if you had an iPhone, all you'd have to do is wave it at the music and it magically tags all your songs and massages your gums and says 'there, there' in a sympathetic voice to all your problems." Or at least I think that's what he told me.