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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Slim Gaillard Vout-o-Reenee Dictionary

As a public service to PCL's own Mr. Dante Fontana, whose embarrassing showing in the jazz quiz he posted below compels me to offer a little remedial training in the art of hiptitude (though I admit my sorry total of 64 only puts me on the outskirts of Squaresville). Who better to show us the way than the voutest of the voot, Mr. Slim Gaillard himself.

The owner of this copy of Slim Gaillard's Vout-o-Reenee Dictionary asks on his site if anyone knows how much it's worth. Well, pal, it's worth NOTHING (or translated into vout, "tee-but-tar"), so I'll send you $5 for postage and you can send it to me PRONTO (there appears to be no word for quickly or right away in Slim-speak, which seems appropriate). Reet?

Now let's enjoy Slim and Bam (and Scatman Crothers, I believe....10 extra points for me for knowing!) performing the very superior "Dunkin' Bagels o'Voutee Mac Vootee", and feel the ambient hipness wash over our nerdy little souls.