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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Just Say Maybe

Inspired once again! Lex10 offers up the Dr. Albert Hofmann R.I.P post and the Yuma psyche travels back in time to the wonderful world of hallucinogens education from the Silver Jacket blog

"Focus on Hallucinogens: This is a little gem I've held onto since my friends Ken and Glen mailed it to me as part of a care package when I was working in Alaska after high school. It's from 1991 and out of print but still in near-perfect condition. I wrote children's science books for two years but never wrote one as fun or useful as this. It explains to 9-year-olds everything from neurons to shamans. Rad!"
Rad, indeed

"It's basically a My First Reader version of D.M. Turner's The Essential Psychedelic Guide, minus the special section on how much ketamine to inject when you're on DMT and nitrous."
The special section is imperative to the true understanding of the beast. Pity it's not included in this primer.