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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Brunk 2

Hi people,

Yes, this is netlabel music and some of you are not supposed to like it because of that, so to annoy those I'm standing here at my rooftop shouting: HEY EVERYBODY!!! HEY!!! OOWAOOWAOOWAOOWA!!!! I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!! YEAH I KNOW IT'S 4 A.M. LOVE YOU TOO HONEY!!!

'none of the above', the follow-up to ' sept 2003 ', is a further exploration of the melancholic and more accessible side of brunk. It has a quiet vibe and mostly slow songs. Once again these songs are made of overdubbed and edited layers of cut-and-pasted guitars, softwaresynths, samples, beats etc; with at the same time lots of improvised elements and spontanuous aspects, uncorrected imperfections and a perhaps slightly naieve 'homerecording lo-fi' touch.