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Monday, September 25, 2006

Jeroen Diepenmaat

'pour des dents d'un blanc éclatant et saines' (2005)
stuffed birds play records by putting their bill into the groove (with help from Hans Diepenmaat)
Including a sound sample.

Jeroen Diepenmaat, dutch artist obsessed with vinyl records, record players, tape recorders and the sounds coming from them.
The colloboration project with Hannes van Soest called radio78 ("78rpm records sound from an old van. There is a pavement, illumination, liquor and a very fine atmosphere.") is also very nice. (via BoingBoing)

Note: Jeroen Diepenmaat was splogcasted by Jan Turkenburg here (files are down).

Updated: "A lo-fi copy of the splogcast is available here.
And most of the previous splogcast are to be found here.
Furthermore radio 78 will perform live on october 20 on radio zwolle."
Thanks for the information and updates Jan!