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Sunday, September 24, 2006


Hi! Everybody!

I need money.
That's what I want.

Tons of cash.

It costs being a blogger. I need coffee. At least one of these per week.
I need a better chair. The blog is on turbo when I am able to sit comfortably for hours.
I need booze. Prefarably rum, gin and cold czech beers. And a few bottles of wine.
Just in case the blog depression hits. And for inspiration.
Throw in a tiki bar while you're at it. I am not a handy man. I need it skillfully arranged in my one-room apartment (hell! I need a new apartment!).

I need to go to out and have a fine piece of snack every day. Cooking takes time from blogging.
I need a car (transportation is king). And a new camera.
Oh! Almost forgot - I need a really big plasma tv. I shouldn't be forced to look at my miniature tv-set. It's not healthy. I could go blind for heavens sake!
I need vacations now and then. Bahamas would be nice. Brazil. Tahiti.
The relaxation I get now is by no means good enough.

Well, as you can clearly understand I need cash.

Support my needs. Please.
I can't run this blog if you can't cough up at least $1000. For starters.

Ok, the fact that this blog doesn't cost me any money at all DOESN'T CHANGE THE FACT that you really should donate a (very) small amount of your cash to ME.

Is this hard to understand.

I'm worth it.

Give 'em to me - and I maybe blog tomorrow. That's what I'm saying.
Trust me! It's for a good course. My health and comfort is serious business.

And - remember - it's for your own good.

Thank you.