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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Herman made me lie

I was thinking writing a post about the lack of totally great new bands Lps, at least that i totally love, and the birth of a new electronic seven inches age, and then came... then came this video and i can't help myself smiling on and on.
The new Herman dune Lp "Giant" will be out on october 2006, and i hope i will love it from track 1 to 16 .
I wish i was better at predicting what will be a hit, but believe me, this is one of them.
The video is a new Schoollhouse rock, and as soon as i will finish this post i will go back watching it once more.

By the way, go to their myspace to hear Not on top, from their previous Lp, i was sure that this song was to be a hit when it was released, it didn't. I told you i'm not good at predicting.
I'm better at barbecue parties.