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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Week 65, Mad humour and rock´n´roll

On-line once more as from 2010!!!!!

Let’s hear it for Alfred! Mad Magazine released two great albums in the early 1960s. A wonderful symbiosis of Mad humour and rock´n´roll. Produced independently by Norm Blagman and Sam Bobrick who then played it for the Mad staff who then saw to it that it was released. Now, let’s do the pretzel!

65. Mad Twists rock n roll
Mad Twists Rock´N´Roll
(Big Top LP, 1962)

1. (Throwing the) High School Basketball Game
2. (She Got A) Nose Job
3. Please Betty Jane (Shave Your Legs)
4. Somebody Else´s Dandruff
5. Blind Date
6. Agnes (The Teenage Russian Spy)
7. Let´s Do the Pretzel
8. I´ll Always Remember Being You
9. When My Pimples Turned To Dimples
10. She´s A Serious Teenager In Love
11. (All I Have Left Is) My Johny´s Hubcap
12. Written On the Boys Bathroom Wall

>Download ("Mad Twists Rock´N´Roll" zipped) at MediaFire or,
>Download ("Mad Twists Rock´N´Roll" zipped) at files.ww.

65. Mad Fink along
Fink Along With Mad
(Big Top LP, 1963)

13. Let´s Do the Fink
14. Her Mustache
15. Biggest Mouth In Town
16. Her Dad´s Got Money
17. His Hair
18. It´s A Gas
19. Don´t Put Onions on Your Hamburger
20. Loving a Siamese Twin
21. She Lets Me Watch Her Mom and Pop Fight
22. The Braces on Your Teeth
23. Contact Lenses
24. The Neighbourhood Draft Board
25. A Mad Extra

>Download ("Fink Along With Mad" zipped) at MediaFire or,
>Download ("Fink Along With Mad" zipped) at files.ww.

>>>Or you can download the complete package (both albums) Completely MAD!!!!.<<<

Also: Scar Stuff has All the Eight Endings to the "MAD Mystery Sound" flexi "It's A Super-Spectacular Day".

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Timmy said...

Absolutely great! this better be in the Library of Congress, or I'll riot!