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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

CINEFILE’S “Movie Music Archives”

Bret from Post-Punk Junk has 2 very, nice and big bags of candy for all of us who lives under the spell of sleaze, b-movies, sexploitation, tacky disco scores and the beat of suspense and... death, and all those wonderful things God (it looked like him! promise!) created on the eighth day.
He tells us:
" Years ago, I put this 2xCD fan compilation together to give away in-store at Cinefile Video, the video store I run with my friends in Los Angeles. The idea was to grab tracks that either never had soundtrack releases, or ones that were so out-of-print (in ‘00, mind you) that there was little or no chance of finding them. Since then, Soulseek has shattered some of the “never gonna ever find it” notions I used to have, but some of this stuff is still wildly off-the-radar — "

Tracks included are: “Lady Porno”, 1976 - opening credits; “Ishtar”, 1987 - Dangerous Business; “Mistress of the Apes”, 1979 - Ape Mama; “Turkish Star Wars”, 1982 - opening few minutes; “The Squeeze”, 1977 - opening credits, and much, much more.
CINEFILE’S “Movie Music Archives”, Volumes 1-2.