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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Demon Angel

As Mirco already knows - I love his video blog Music For Your Eyes.
You should check it on a regular basis.
This time Mirco is presenting 2 clips from "Demon Angel: A Day And Night With Roky Erickson" which is "... a low-budget documentary about Roky, filmed in his hometown, Austin - Texas, on 1984. In those days the Texan acid guru (singer of the legendary band 13th Floor Elevators, for the few unlucky people who do not know him...) had just returned on the scene after a troubled period, due to his mental health problems, with a new band called The Evil Look Wildlife E.T. ..."
Read more (and download "Night Of The Vampire" and "Cold Night For Alligators" performed live, from this documentary) over at Music For Your Eyes.

I have made the "Night Of The Vampire" clip available at You Tube:

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