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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tiny Tim

Derrick Bostrom has made an interview he did with Tiny Tim in '89 available at his blog, Bostworld.
"... It wasn’t until I said my goodnights, enjoyed the show, and returned home to my lair that I realized what a treasure I’d captured up on my portable cassette recorder. There, amidst a nosiy backstage full of his fellow performers, Tiny Tim had evoked the spirits of dead crooners of sixty years previous with evocative fervor of a mystic holding a seance. Most of the material he performed was new to me, and it was a revelation. I quickly acquired as much Rudy Vallee and Russ Columbo as I could find, and there wasn’t much back then. (I already had plenty of Crosby.) ..."
Read more and listen to the interview Backstage With Tiny Tim.

Extras: Tiny Tim on YouTube.
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (1979)

"Tiny's Cover Of The Rod Stewart Song...Done In His Own Unique Style....Watch The Reaction On Carson's Face And Get A Glimpse Of A Young David Letterman"
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