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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sweet Daddy

"Mr. Irresistible."
Sweet Daddy Siki  is a former championship 'rassler who was a terror in the squared circle. Born in Texas, he emigrated to Canada in the early 60's where his legion of followers packed the Maple Leaf Gardens to witness him deploy his signature "coco butt" move.
In this action shot, Siki, and "The Sheik", are working over Handsome Johnny Barend.
During the latter years of his pro wrestling career, Sweet Daddy released a series of  serviceable country music records that largely featured covers of Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and Charley Pride tunes. The LP "Sweet Daddy Siki Squares Off With Country Music" is a favorite of record cover collectors.

Amazingly enough, Sweet Daddy can still be seen and heard weekly leading the karaoke show at the "Duke", a  Toronto bar situated on Queen Street East and Leslie. Neat article about his royal highness at 501 Queen Streetcar
Special thanks to  Kliph Nesteroff for the assist.


Donna Lethal said...

Sweet Daddy! Yes!

evil pain clown said...


sweet daddy kareoke in toronto!!!