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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunshine Rabbits

Sunshine Rabbits is a band from my town Malmö, Sweden. Claiming to be the "founders of fur pop got soul" they are a quite spectacular party band. Their mix of re-cycled disco beats, energy and pure girl power is smittening. They are like the bad seeds of The Spice Girls on a guerrilla war for more fun for real party people. The videos are good fun!
Here is their video for "Asassynation" from their debut album.

If you liked this be sure to also check out another gem from their new album, "Agneta", and their "Colour of the Fur" from 2008. Both are great fun to watch!


gloveshot said...

What a fun loving bunch. Enjoyable to watch & listen to. Every town in the world should have such a group.