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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The many Moogs of Ruth White

RUTH WHITE, an artist-composer of the West Coast, is shown here creating her own brand of electronic music. Miss White, whose first album on Limelight Records will soon be released, believes much of today's electronic music is sounding the same.
Billboard Nov. 2, 1968

Some months ago while looking for what I thought was a version of Couperin's "Les Barricades Mistérieuses" I taped off WMNF-FM in 1982, I found two of Ruth White's LPs at moogswings.

Short Circuits (1970) is a collection of Moogified classical pieces.

Flowers of Evil (1969), based on Baudelaire's Fleurs du mal.

"I never do the same thing twice. Some composers get bogged down on repetition and slight changes in the name of perfection. I do something, as well as I can do it, then go on to do something else."
The Norton/Grove Dictionary of Women Composers, 1995


Domenic Ciccone (AKA Martooni) said...

Another LP she did was - Seven Trumps from the Tarot Cards (1968)originally posted on 36-15 moog.

I'm more into the classical stuff and Short Circuits hits the spot if your classical/moog freak. I think she left out J.S out deliberately to be different, but C.P.E Bach is in his dads turf. That must be Scarlatti on the pinball machine?