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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hully Gully Appreciation Society

Have been combing the internets in search of all things Hully Gully. Previous posts by our esteemed staff at the Dump have yielded an array of links to the line dance that originated in the 60's at Frank Rocco's Miami Beach, Cadillac Hotel

Here for your viewing pleasure are a few requisite additions to the archive:

Le "ully gully" complete with speedo clad lads a bit lumière dans les flâneurs.

Boris Karl Lennart Lindqvist aka Rock-Boris "energizing" the Swedish crowd in this version.


Nomad said...

oh oh oh, teacher.. I got one!! Let's do it (in Greek)


Lenox said...

'Doing the Hully Gully', flip side EP from Jet Harris and Tony Meehan's Diamonds/Scarlett O'Hara

Johnnyuma said...

Thanks guys! Nomad...it's already been done in Greek - see baikinange's post 11/25/09. No extra credit for you!

baikinange said...

Don't forget to look at Berlin Beat Bestes for all things Hully Gully: http://mischalke04.wordpress.com/