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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ballad of Davey Crewcut

The Universe has been gleefully deluging me with Davy Crockett cover songs and parodies lately, for which I am eternally grateful. And that this one's by H & J is all the sweeter, I adore them partly because they can be consistently relied upon to be more annoying that I am. Note to Michael of Boot Sale Sounds where this can be found, one of my takedown notices from blogger was for a H & J album (one long out of print, no less), so be forewarned. Smart downloaders will want to snap this one up pronto.


Wastedpapiers said...

Glad you like it. Thanks for the plug. Only take down notices Ive had were for obscure ska singles which always puzzled me.

Jay Schiavone said...

As a lad who loved comedy LPs, I really wanted to laugh along with H&J. But I couldn't tap into their song parodies because I didn't know the source material. So when I listened to "Sifting, Whimpering Sands" I had no idea they referring to "Shifting, Whispering Sands" which was apparently a hit record in the fifties. If only I had found their Beatles parodies.