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Thursday, June 02, 2011

"trames sonores" a dj set by Dj Pâté

dj set special "trames sonores" by Felix aka Dj Paté (originally broadcast on Bande A Part)

From Quebec, Vente De Garage, Le Blogue proudly presents Félix aka Dj Pâté a dj set spécial "trames sonores", selected rare groovy music including selected soundtracks and movie dialogs from the 60/70s. Movies: Après Ski, L'amour humain, Y'a toujours moyen de moyenner, Le diable est parmi nous and so many others.

As Félix says: "it's hot, it's sexy and strange sometimes"


Kenn Minter said...

Nipples. Shameful.

Dj No Breakfast said...

ah oui c'est vrai! sorry me french.