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Monday, June 06, 2011

It's Colossal!

Times are tough all over, and PCL is compelled to accept regular advertisers to be able to meet its giant payroll and liquor bill at PCL Central. So we are proud to welcome Hillbilly Bread as our new sponsor! I have learned to love the Hillbilly Bread vest that I am now required to wear publicly, despite my preternatural loathing of the color yellow. We recommend you eat 4 loaves a day!


Armpit Studios said...

Heh, I hadn't thought about Hillbilly Bread since the late '70s. My little, proper English grandma always bought it. It looked so funny to see that goofy uncouth brand next to her Twinnings tea.

Desuko. said...

I apologize that my extravagant contract demands have forced you all to buy more Hillbilly Bread.