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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Küss Mich, Bitte Bitte, Küss Mich

Well, if you love the song "Donkey Serenade" half as much as I do--or if you're just curious about how a German pop choir simulates the sound of a donkey braying -- you will adore this version of the fab tune by the Botho Lucas Choir from Lounge Legends.


Armpit Studios said...

When they finally got to the 1st verse and the men did that deep guttural "LIEEEEE-bchen", I truly LOL'd and pictured Chip Rommel from Son of the Beach goose-stepping around the beach and singing to a girl donkey.

Gargantuan Media said...

Holy twirlin' krauts! This track is amazingly awful. Were they the German answer to The 5th Dimension?

Das Zeitalter des Wassermanns! Das Zeitalter des Wassermanns! Wass-sser-maaans!

Richard said...

I have to get you Blame it on the Bossa Nova by Hazy Osterwald!