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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Zoe Keating Plays"Escape Artist"

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Johnnyuma said...

Very fresh piece. Not sure I'm on board with all the high falutin mumbo-jumbo she's talking about in the background video but I like the performance. Thanks!

splogman said...

I had to look up the word "high falutin" and from my perspective (being educated in contempary composing techniques)I don't think it's "high falutin" that much. I don't see how else she could have explained the method she is using, without ending up in even more mumbo-jumbo. In fact I´m using similar concepts at the moment.
Having said that, I think the result,as well performed and pleasant sounding as it may be, is a bit disapointing. I would have expected more complex patterns and structures after such a speech.
In my first years as a music teacher I once had to collaborate with a very experienced collegue who started our first meeting off with lot's of high falutin on her approach to music education. "And you?" she asked. "Well, I'm working according to a more organic concept" I replied. "which means?" "Well, I just fool around a lot, without knowing what I'm doing."
She laughed so loud. "okay, I get the message. Let's get to work" Our co-operation turned out fairly good, she's retired now and she has never known that I really meant what I said that day....

splogman said...

I meant "contemporary" ;)

Johnnyuma said...

Touche! You gotta understand that my formal musical education ceased in the 3rd grade so my "highfalutin" characterization was ill advised. if she had summarized her piece around your succinct "organic concept", the lightbulb would've shined. Great story.