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Monday, July 19, 2010

De Skymasters

De Skymasters were an important part of the early days of Dutch radio--just how important I cannot say, thanks to the general wonkiness of Google Translator. Alls I know is that they do some danged peppy versions of the Woody Woodpecker song, "Zambesi", and songs about milkshakes, harmonicas, and chocolate. Their big hit was "Kijk eens in de poppetjes van mijn ogen" ("Look in the eyes of my dolls"?).

What's not to love?



oledapra said...

nice. any old dutchman will compare them to the ramblers, a good swing jazz band from holland.

'de poppetjes van mijn ogen' is not a general term. it means the pupils. i find google translate extremely useless as well, sometimes even for the most obvious stuff!