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Friday, November 13, 2009

After five years (3)

What has become of Daan Jansen?

He was one of the youngest contributors to the first CD of WM Recordings: 13 years old, playing and singing his own arrangement and lyrics of the penguin song.

This is Daan now:

Last summer he finished his VWO (highest level of Dutch secundary school) cum laude and twice he has conducted the Youth Symphony Orchestra De Vuurvogel (Firebird) in Zwolle, when playing his own symphonic arrangements of computer game music.

He's studying Business Information Technology now at the University of Twente. Apart from De Vuurvogel he also sings in a pop choir and recently has taken up pianolessons. Right now he is working on a popsong together with Sifra Meutgeert and he plans on writing for mixed voices choirs when he will be "less busy studying".

Together with Jelle-Jan van der Wagt from whom we will be learning more next week, he occasionally makes Z News and other videos