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Sunday, February 15, 2009

J.X. Williams

Rummaging 'round the net I have seen a few posts of late pertaining to filmmaker and underground legend, JX Williams.

The J.X. Williams Archive reveals some of the secrets of JX's life story. His bio runs the gamut from Communist witch hunts to Mob porn film producer and director.

His early credits include: The 400 Blow Jobs, A Streetwalker Named Desire and It's a Wonderful Lay. Fleeing to Europe after being convicted of tax evasion he made his Citizen Kane - Peep Show

It's a great story but not everyone believes it. Some suggest that Williams is a figure invented by Noel Lawrence, author and creator of Otherzine. No less an authority than the NY Times Paul Cullum raises the questions regarding the authenticity of the filmmaker in this piece:Wrapped In An Enigma

Strange stuff......

“There comes a time in your life when you’ve got to confess to yourself: You’re never gonna make Citizen Kane. You’re never gonna get the girl. Tonight’s not your Night and if you ever had a Night, it happened a long time ago and you blew your wad. All you can really hope for is to get a big footnote in a book somewhere. The credits roll. The curtain drops. And that’s that.”
J.X. Williams