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Friday, February 13, 2009

R.I.P. the Undead Film Critic??

On February 12th, 2009 the Undead Film Critic Blog died a quiet, unexpected death. While details are still sketchy, it is presumed that this sudden demise was the result of deletion, having violated Bloggers Terms of Service. An investigation is ongoing as to the individual who informed Blogger of said violation, but as of this writing their were no strong leads. Family has asked that in lue of flowers, Pin-ups should be sent to Percy Trout and The Scandy Man for publication and remembrances at their respective blogs. As we mourn this passing it should be remembered that while the body of our beloved Undead has been deeply damaged, his head remains intact. And as we all know, the only way to kill a zombie, is to remove the head. Undead, will have his REVENGE.