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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Bonjour and hi mes amis. My name is Gobeil, that is my last name, and this is my very first posting to the PCL.

It is so very nice to share sounds and sights is it not? There is something so special about giving. Before I send myself into a reverie of melancholy over the wondrous delights I have downloaded over the years, I will instead simply say thank you to all the souls who are giving and to Monsieur Dante Fontana for answering my call to join the PCL LinkDump.

A bit about myself. I have a rather nice record collection and while I could consider myself a collector, I purge often. That is not to say that I do not dabble in the fine pastime of accumulating objects as if they were candy. Oh how I devour those delights. When time passes and they serve a purpose they are discarded as leaves in the wind. Apologies for my mediocre metaphors, it's just another part of my simpleton soul.

My father was not of the Gobeil family, nor did my mother leave me without a first name. I use what is called a pseudonym. Yes, I am not who I seem to be. I could be you, you, you, or well... not you (sorry, but I just can't be you) for you and I are the same person.

So who am I really. Does it matter? Hardly. Do I need to take credit for what I post? Certainly not. I will tell you a few true facts about myself...
  1. I do not live in the United States of America
  2. I do not drive
  3. I enjoy quiet evenings at my maison with my belle
  4. I once had a dog that I loved very much and she lived to be 17
  5. I once had a stack of rare Library Music albums that I gave to friends
  6. I am still a pirate and a prankster at heart
  7. I have a special cup for coffee and a special glass for spirits
  8. All of my mp3 uploads will be: 320k with cover art embedded + full tags
Well, that was a bore. But maybe a delightful one?

Let's get into some music...

As I mentioned, my name is Gobeil. The name derives from a wonderful song by Jean-Pierre Ferland (website / wikipedia), from the album Soleil (1971, Barclay).

Jean-Pierre Ferland - Monsieur Gobeil (mp3)

A year previous to this song, Ferland released his swan song opus, Jaune, also on Barclay records. One of my favorite songs from the album I will share with you now, it is entitled,

Jean-Pierre Ferland - Le Chat du Cafe des artistes (mp3)

I would have loved to upload both of these albums in full for you, but both have been reissued on CD. Jaune was blessed with a glorious box set a few years ago featuring remixes, outtakes, videos, and an alternate re-mastered version of the album.

Let's trackback to my name. Gobeil, oui? Yes and no. You can also call me potato if you wish.

You have probably viewed the Rita Pavone video for My Name Is Potato on YouTube. It has been posted on many blogs. It's quite a dandy.

I thought it would be ever so nice to share with you the song in mp3 format,

Rita Pavone - My Name Is Potato (mp3)

I was going to encode the B-Side of the single, a song entitled "Ma Volendo", but it is not that fascinating. And the last thing you need is more so-so songs taking up space on your hard drive. For you completists, you will just have to try to stop completing this one thing for a moment, but do not worry you can continue completing in another venture.

Au revoir my friends. I will return again soon with more magic. I do hope you believe in magic, and potatoes...