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Tuesday, October 14, 2008



From the twisted jungles of my psyche shamble the hulking, slavering simians of forgotten popular culture, creatures borne forth from musty funny books and warped frames of scratched and eroded film.
Several years ago COMIC BOOK GORILLARAMA began with a desire to kill a little time and became an obssession to thoroughly gather any comic book cover featuring an ape of any sort.
Exploring a casual whim to find a few photos of cinematic apes for CBG, my simple errand quickly refocused into a zealous quest to learn all that could be known about the enigmatic GORILLA MEN who tromped about the wilds of early cinema. GORILLA MEN continues to be the main focus of my web efforts, where I share all sorts of simian pop culture goodness yet I always gravitate back to the tales and films of the rare men who became beasts.
GORILLA MEN also begat another site that is a work of great pride. Few know the name Charles Gemora, but good ol' Charlie arrived in Hollywood in the throes of an entertainment revolution in the 1920's on a freighter from the Philippines. Over the next 40 years, Charles would carve an impressive path through the effects houses of the Great Studios, all the while terrifying and amusing audiences as the premier Hollywood Gorilla Man. With the cooperation of his surviving daughter (who aided her father in creating the Martian of the classic WAR OF THE WORLDS), Diana and I have jointly contributed to CHARLES GEMORA -HOLLYWOOD GORILLA MAN.
And now, what the Sam Hill am I doing here?
I am more than just a GORILLA MAN.
Though I will inflict my hairy obession upon these pages on a regular basis, I also look forward to having a venue to share some of the other oddities I come across, whether from the confines of my Gorilla Den or from my wanderings....out there...